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ONORM Tire Chains

Feb 14th 2024

ONORM 5117 refers to a specific Austrian standard for tire chains used in winter driving conditions. It sets the requirements and specifications for the design, construction, and performance of tire chains in Austria.

The ONORM 5117 standard covers various aspects of tire chains, including:

  1. Chain Construction: It specifies the construction materials, chain link design, and manufacturing requirements for tire chains.
  2. Size and Fitment: The standard defines the appropriate sizes and fitment guidelines for tire chains to ensure they properly match the tire dimensions and provide effective traction.
  3. Performance Testing: ONORM 5117 includes performance testing criteria to evaluate the traction, durability, and overall effectiveness of tire chains in snowy or icy conditions.
  4. Safety Features: The standard outlines safety requirements, such as the presence of chain tensioners, additional fastening mechanisms, or anti-slip devices to enhance stability and prevent chain dislodgment during operation.

Tire chains that comply with the ONORM 5117 standard have undergone testing and certification to meet the specific criteria outlined by the Austrian Standards Institute. When purchasing tire chains in Austria, it is recommended to look for products that bear the ONORM 5117 certification mark, as it indicates that the chains meet the required standards for performance and safety.