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Alloy Square Straight Link
Square link tire chains are more durable and provide increased traction compared to twisted link snow chains. Twisted Link Tire Chains wear the high point of the twist which is a small fraction of an inch. Straight link tire chains wear the entire length of the link which could be an inch or more. This distributes the stress and wear of the chain. For Traction, the square alloy tire chains uses square rod which almost equals the traction of a v bar for ice. Twisted link is round rod. For off road conditions, square also provides additional traction since the links not nestled within each other like the twisted link. This provides more profile on the face of the tire for more traction.
Made in USA
100% manufactured in Pueblo, Colorado with US Steel by Pewag Chain. Pewag nickel manganese alloy square link tire chains wear up to 8 times longer than conventional twist link tire chains while giving you up to 32% more traction. Pewag is the preferred chain by Professional users, fleet owners, State & County D.O.T.’s, and City Public Works. Can be reversed for better wear and longer life
All steel construction. Extra Heavy duty side cables and tough carbon steel spring rollers. Low profile ensures a smooth, quiet ride. Weighs up to 70% less than traditional link-style tire chain. For easier installation of truck Cable Snow Chains see our Sno-Chain Ramps. Cable Tire Chains are not recommended in snow depth greater than 2". Rubber tighteners recommended
Most popular choice for light truck tire chains. Diamond truck tire chains insures a smooth ride with less vibration and noise. Maximum traction insures minimal brake distance and skidding. D-Link pattern Links for extended life and traction. Available in Heavy duty 4.5 mm or 3.8mm cross chain. Exclusive Ratchet Tensioner for quick installation and removal. Comes with a zippered storage case. Not recommended for off-road, mud, plowing, diesel, or heavy duty trucks.
Dual Triple, Twist Link Cross Chain. Sold per pair, one pair of duals covers all 4 tires on the axle.
Studded are the most aggressive, best quality chain sold. Made with the High Alloy 10B-21 Steel The studs are over sized to improve on grip and prolong chain life. Please check your owners manual for chain recommendations and adequate clearance.
Twisted Link
Twisted Link Tire Chains are available in many options. Heavy Duty, Medium Duty, 4 link, 2 link, V Bar, Non V-Bar, Boron and with or without cams.
Alpha Trax
Alpha Trax uses TPU plastic traction pads with embedded alloy steel studs, providing the best combination of durability, lighter weight and traction. One of the easiest installation of all our tire chains. Meets All Chain Law Requirements.