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Quite simply - The best car snow chains on the market. Easiest installation of all our tire chains. Diamond car tire chains pattern insures a comfortable drive with less vibration and noise. Maximum traction with minimal brake distance and skidding. The small square alloy links and the short length of each cross chain minimizes wear and breakage. The flexible hoop on the backside of the tire allows for quick and easy installation without moving or lifting the vehicle. Recommended for ABS and traction control systems. Very easy, simple installation without the need to jack up, or move the car. INCLUDES tensioning device.
Car Cable chains are an economical traction aide. All steel construction with tough carbon steel spring rollers. Zinc Finish for added Durability. Low profile ensures a smooth, quiet ride. Recommend a optional tensioner with use.
Cable Link
Twist link Chain - Ladder style cross chain with cable side chains to minimize clearance required and ease of installation. All steel construction and case hardened cross chains provide excellent durability. Link Cable Snow Chains can be used on class S vehicles, as well as, vehicles with ABS. Optional Tire Chains Tensioners are recommended for maximum life and performance of Link Cable style Chains.
Alpha Trax
The Alpha Trax is a highly durable TPU plastic cross members with alloy studs 1 pair of rubber adjusters is included – required for use! Meets SAE Class S clearance requirements Designed to withstand a greater degree of mixed road conditions Easy Installation – Can be installed without moving vehicle Approved for use where traction devices are allowed TPU plastic traction pads with embedded alloy steel studs, providing the best combination of durability, lighter weight and traction.