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Emergency Straps

Similar to nylon strap style but with a chain that goes through the rim instead of a strap. Available for large commercial trucks only.
Nylon Strap
Nylon Strap Emergency Chains. Available in V Bar and non-V-Bar for cars, light trucks, and commercial trucks.
Ratchet Strap Emergency Tire Chains assure proper positioning and longer distance use than normal strap on tire chains. Square Link H Pattern. High Strength 10B21 Boron Alloy. Available for large commercial truck only.
Unit Chain
Unit Chains are strap on emergency tire chains designed for fast, simple installation. Fits truck tires with a spoke wheel with a minimum 1" hole. These tire chains are referre to "12-9-9" which means there are 12 twisted links with 9 straight links attached to each end.