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Diamond Pattern
Diamond Studded European Style Studded Tractor are the most aggressive, best fitting best traction of all tire chains.. The chain is made of the High Quality Alloy 10B-21 Steel which lasts up to 80% Longer than standard Rockwell 56 tire chains. Diamond Not Studded The diamond chain pattern leave the least amount of gap between cross chains. This pattern gives you the best coverage and a smooth ride. The chain is made of the High Alloy 10B-21 Steel
European Diamond
European Net Style Tractor are made with High Alloy 10B-21 Steel. Square Link Cross Chain with wear links mounted over selected cross chains for extended life. Square Alloy Links allows for added traction and durability. The consistent Diamond Pattern on the face of the tread creates for a smoother ride. This build has constant ground/chain contact giving great traction. European Diamond style tire Chains are available in Studded and Non Studded versions.
Ladder Tractor chains are the standard ladder bars going across the tire, also known as road chains. Equipt with a round twisted link. Recommended for road and general farm applications. We sell the Ladder chains in 4 Link and 2 Link with and without V-BAR: Chains spacing is defined as the number of side chain links skipped between cross chains. A 4 link tire chain, cross chains occur every 4 side chain link. 2 link provides a more consistent ride by having more chain on the face of the tire. 2 link helping to reduce the vibration (bumpy ride) from being on chain - off chain. 2 link is always recommended for steering tires, since it allows more steering control.