ONORM Tire Chain Certification

Onorm is the highest quality standard of tire chains in the world. ONORM Snow Chains For the complete strict testing procedure that differentiates ONORM quality from all other chains.

ONORM V 5117

If in winter on snowy and slippery, icy roads else fails, then often only helps the creation of more snow. To ensure a secure advancement, were the standards for snow chains - adapted ÖNORM V 5117 and V 5119 - the current state of the art. This makes it safe again goes forward.

Vienna (ON prw, 2004-12-10) The basic equipment of each vehicle between October and Easter are not just winter tires with adequate profile, especially in alpine regions snow chains should be easily packaged as a standard winter gear in the trunk.

On the market today there are different models in different price ranges. An important criterion when buying: The chain should fit perfectly for each tire size and the BS match) specifically to ÖNORM V 5117 (for cars, light commercial vehicles and trailers) or ÖNORM V 5119 (for goods vehicles, articulated vehicles, buses and trailers.

These two standards are from 1 December 2004 in an updated and adapted to the prior art output before and make sure that is guaranteed with proper installation and conditions of use to a minimum skid while driving. That the chains actually meet all the requirements of BS, shows the standard conformity mark ÖNORM V 5117 and V 5119 examination, which can be seen, at least on the packaging clearly visible. Exact requirements

What now distinguishes standard-compliant snow? You must of course be adapted to the shape of the tires are designed for them, and can fortify himself with a clamping device on the wheel. During the trip to the parts of the traction over the network to be permanently connected. Therefore, it is important to consider when buying tires to the exact dimension. Also: The power transmitting parts of the chain need to be nearly evenly spread over the wheel, so that the snow chain is effective in any position of the wheel. Once used only allowed one point the snow chain stay free up to one eighth of the wheel circumference. Especially important: Snow chains should not significantly affect the behavior of the vehicle and neither vehicle, tires or road surface much more damaging. Tough tests

Accordling hard are the tests applied to a snow chain. Also for the standard provides appropriate guidelines. The snow chains are allowed in the examination does not deform or suffer damage. Thus, all items in the area of the running system to withstand a force of 4000 N, all other traktionsübertragenden Parts 3300 N endure. Examine further the wear and tear (eg, three hours driving at 120 km / h) on dry roads, the behavior in an emergency stop (at 50 km / h) or the dynamic so-called withdrawal. Consideration will, of course, the impact or the transmission.

Instruction Manual

Snow chains are thus also be mounted correctly, accompanied by a corresponding operating instructions. Again, the standardization has made provisions and gives the manufacturer's instructions must be supplied the information. That you should read carefully this instruction manual before the first exit off the snow, as is obvious, as a "dry training" so as not to stand with numb hands, then on a dark mountain road and do not come with the creation of the chain to cope.