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Skidder Chains

Jan 20th 2024

Skidder tire chains are specialized tire chains designed for use on skidders, which are heavy-duty forestry vehicles used for hauling and transporting logs in rugged terrain. Skidder chains are specifically designed to provide maximum traction and grip in challenging off-road conditions commonly encountered in forestry operations.

Skidder tire chains feature heavy-duty construction with robust chain links and cross chains to withstand the demanding conditions of forestry work. The chains are typically made from durable alloy steel or high-strength materials to ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

The chain links of skidder tire chains are often thicker and stronger compared to standard tire chains. This design provides enhanced resistance against impacts from logs, rocks, and other obstacles commonly found in forested areas.

The cross chains on skidder tire chains are strategically positioned to create a dense network of contact points with the ground, maximizing traction and minimizing slippage. This helps skidders maintain control and stability while operating on steep slopes or muddy terrain.

Skidder tire chains come in various sizes to match the specific tire dimensions of different skidder models. It's important to select the appropriate size and type of chains that are compatible with your skidder's tires for optimal performance and safety.

When using skidder tire chains, it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation, usage, and maintenance. Regular inspection and maintenance of the chains are necessary to identify any signs of wear or damage and ensure that the chains remain in good working condition.

Overall, skidder tire chains are designed to enhance the traction and stability of skidders in challenging forestry environments, allowing for safer and more efficient logging operations.