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Tire Chains Cams

Jan 10th 2024

Tire chains cams, also known as tensioning cams or cam tighteners, are components found in certain types of tire chains. They are designed to provide additional tension and secure the tire chains tightly around the tires, ensuring a proper fit and optimal performance.

Tire chains with cam tightening systems typically consist of the following components:

  1. Cross chains: These are the chains that run across the tire tread and provide the primary traction on slippery surfaces.
  2. Side chains: The side chains connect the cross chains and wrap around the sides of the tires, securing the tire chains in place.
  3. Tensioning cams: The tensioning cams are located on the side chains and serve as the tightening mechanism. They typically feature a cam-shaped design with teeth or serrations.

Here's how the tire chain cam tightening system works:

  1. Initial installation: Begin by properly positioning the tire chains on the tires, making sure that the cross chains are aligned with the tire treads and the side chains are wrapped around the tires.
  2. Engaging the cams: Locate the tensioning cams on the side chains and engage them by rotating them to the closed or engaged position. This action tightens the side chains around the tires.
  3. Adjusting the tension: With the cams engaged, you can further tighten the tire chains by using the built-in tensioning system. This is usually done by using a tool (such as a cam tool or a provided handle) to rotate the cams, applying additional tension to the side chains.
  4. Securing the tension: Once the desired tension is achieved, lock the tensioning cams in place to secure the tire chains. Some systems may have locking mechanisms or devices to hold the cams in position, while others may rely on the cam's design to maintain tension.

The cam tightening system is designed to provide a secure and snug fit, minimizing any excess slack or movement of the tire chains during use. This helps to maximize traction, stability, and overall performance on slippery surfaces.

It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines specific to your tire chains to ensure proper installation, tensioning, and use of the cam tightening system. Different tire chain models may have variations in their cam designs and tensioning procedures, so it's crucial to refer to the specific instructions provided with your tire chains.