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Tire Chains Fold over fastener

Jan 20th 2024

Tire chains with a fold-over fastener refer to a specific type of fastening mechanism used to secure the chains on the tire. Instead of using traditional chain tensioners or rubber tensioners, these chains utilize a fold-over design to secure and tighten the chains in place.

The fold-over fastener typically consists of a metal bar or hook attached to the end of the chain. This bar or hook is folded over the chain links to create a loop, and it is then secured in place using a locking mechanism or additional fastening device.

To install the tire chains with a fold-over fastener, you would typically position the chains around the tire and ensure they are centered and evenly distributed on the tread. Then, you would bring the ends of the chains together and connect them, making sure the fold-over fasteners align properly.

Once the fasteners are aligned, you can fold over the metal bars or hooks to create a loop and secure them in place. Some chains may have a locking mechanism to ensure the fastener stays secure during operation.

It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing tire chains with a fold-over fastener to ensure proper and secure attachment. Additionally, it's advisable to test the chains after installation to ensure they are properly fitted and do not have excessive slack or tension.

Remember to drive at reduced speeds and adjust your driving behavior when using tire chains to maintain control and maximize safety on snowy or icy roads.