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why your owner's manual advises against using tire chains

Nov 10th 2023

There could be several reasons why your owner's manual advises against using tire chains. Some possible reasons include:

  1. Clearance: Certain vehicles may not have sufficient clearance within the wheel well or suspension components to accommodate the additional bulk of tire chains. Using chains in such cases could lead to damage to the vehicle or the chains themselves.
  2. Traction Control Systems: Some vehicles are equipped with advanced traction control systems that are designed to improve grip on slippery surfaces. These systems may not function properly or could be damaged when tire chains are installed, which is why the owner's manual might recommend against using them.
  3. Tire Size and Type: Your vehicle's tires may not be suitable for use with tire chains due to their size, construction, or specific tread patterns. The owner's manual might caution against using chains to avoid potential damage to the tires or compromised handling characteristics.
  4. Manufacturer Recommendations: The vehicle manufacturer may simply advise against using tire chains due to their own testing or engineering considerations. They might believe that the potential risks outweigh the benefits or have specific guidelines for alternative traction devices.

It's essential to follow the guidance provided in your owner's manual to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle. If you require additional traction on slippery surfaces, you may want to explore alternative solutions like snow tires, studded tires, or other traction devices specifically recommended by the manufacturer for your vehicle.