Boron Alloy Tire Chains

Boron alloy tire chains refer to tire chains that are made using a specific type of alloy called boron. Boron alloy is known for its high strength, hardness, an … (read more)

10B21 Steel Tire Chains

10B21 tire chains are snow chains made from a specific type of steel known as 10B21. The 10B21 steel is a boron alloy steel that contains approximately 0.2% to … (read more)

​Double ring tire chains

Double ring tire chains, also known as dual-ring tire chains, are a type of tire chain configuration that features two rings of chains on each tire. These chain … (read more)

Emergency Strap on Tire Chains

Emergency strap-on tire chains, also known as traction straps or snow socks, are temporary devices designed to provide traction on snowy or icy roads when tire … (read more)

ONORM Tire Chains

ONORM 5117 refers to a specific Austrian standard for tire chains used in winter driving conditions. It sets the requirements and specifications for the design, … (read more)

Clearance for Tire Chains

The amount of clearance required for tire chains can vary depending on the specific chains and the manufacturer's recommendations. Generally, you will need enou … (read more)

TUV Tire Chains

TÜV, which stands for Technischer Überwachungsverein (Technical Inspection Association), is a well-known and respected German organization that provides indepen … (read more)

Zinc Coated Tire Chains

Zinc-coated tire chains refer to tire chains that have been treated with a zinc coating or plating on their surface. This coating provides several benefits for … (read more)

Square Link Tire Chains

Square link tire chains, as the name suggests, are tire chains that feature square-shaped links in their design. The links in square link chains have a boxy or … (read more)